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Save everyday to pay off your credit cards.

Debitize is a free and easy tool that keeps you on top of your credit card spending and pays your bills automatically.

How it works



Lost a round of credit card roulette again? Get a high spending alert. Customizable notifications keep you on top of your finances.

Minimum Balances

Emergencies happen. When they do, we won’t leave you hanging. Set a minimum balance so you always have enough money left in your checking account to get by.


Your security is our highest priority. We safeguard your accounts and information the best ways we know how. Here's what we're doing to keep you safe:

256-Bit Encryption

You have bank-level security as soon as you start with us. Our system is verified and monitored by Symantec.

Your bank credentials are never stored on our servers

Your login credentials are passed directly to your bank just once. We do this to link your account and then permanently delete this information.

No external transfers

Funds only move between your checking account, your Debitize account and your credit card. It's a closed loop, so your money is always safe.

Account Safeguards

Automatic logout and ID verification help prevent unauthorized access.

Account alerts

We've got your back. We'll contact you immediately if we see any unusual activity on your account.

Unlink accounts at any time

When you remove an account, our access to your bank is permanently revoked.

Stop worrying.
Start living.
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