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Credit card perks without credit card debt.

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Why do I need Debitize?

Curb overspending


Stay on top of your purchases by paying for your purchases every day, like a debit card.

Increase your credit score

Increase your
credit score

Make sure your bill is always paid on time. Our Credit Optimizer feature can boost your score even more.

Earn rewards without debt

Earn rewards
without debt

Start taking advantage of credit card rewards like cash back or free travel without the worry of debt.

Overcome the fear of credit cards

Overcome the fear
of credit cards

Use your credit card like a debit card to avoid debt and get peace of mind when paying with plastic.

How does it work?

What people are saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Debitize cost?

Debitize is committed to offering our users a great experience so our service is free!

To keep the lights on however, we do offer a (totally optional) premium feature which pays your credit card bills more frequently with Credit Optimizer.

We also earn interest on some of the funds sitting in your Debitize account, and we may occasionally make recommendations for credit cards and other financial products.

What if I have an existing balance?

Debitize only covers new purchases automatically, but we give you options to pay off existing balances as well. Once you've linked a credit card, we take the initial balance and move it to your Uncovered Purchases balance. You can then decide whether you would like to pay all or a portion of your balance down immediately, pay it down over time with extra recurring withdrawals, or do nothing and leave Debitize to cover new purchases only.

How often do you pay my bill?

Your credit card bills are typically paid once a month about a week before your due date. We offer users a premium service (Credit Optimizer), which pays your credit card bill every week instead and can help you boost your credit score, in many cases by 30 points or more.

Credit Optimizer costs $4.99 a month.