Credit Card Perks Without The Risks

Earn more rewards and improve your credit score while automating your payments.

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Debitize is and always will be free

Our users have paid off…

$3M+ purchases paid off

more than 3 million dollars of credit card purchases.

Credit Cards let you earn rewards
Debit Cards keep you on top of your spending

Debitize gives you the benefits of both.

More Credit Card Rewards

Use your credit card to get more rewards. Earning valuable points and cash back doesn't have to come with interest and late fees.

Worry-Free Purchases

Debitize automatically saves money every day to cover your credit card purchases. You'll stay on top of your spending, like you would with a debit card.

Better Credit Score

Our premium paid feature (Credit Optimizer) keeps your credit card balance low, which helps improve your utilization, the 2nd largest component of your FICO credit score.

Pay Down Your Balance

All at once, or a little over time — you tell how us how often and how much to pay toward your credit card balance or any large purchases.

Link any credit card(s) you have and your checking account to get these benefits!

What happens after I activate my Debitize account?

Debitize automatically debits your checking account every day to cover your credit card purchases

The funds are temporarily held in your Debitize Reserve Account, until your credit card bill comes due

Your credit card bill is automatically paid every month through Debitize — no more credit card bills to worry about

Security is our #1 priority

256-Bit Encryption

You have bank-level security as soon as you start with us. Our system is verified and monitored by Symantec.

Credentials Never Stored

Your login credentials are passed directly to your bank just once. We do this to link your account and then permanently delete this information.

No External Transfers

Funds only move between your checking account, your Debitize Reserve Account, and your credit card.

Account Safeguards

Automatic logout and ID verification help prevent unauthorized access.

Account Alerts

We constantly monitor your accounts and will contact you immediately if we see any suspicious activity.

Unlink At Any Time

When you remove an account, our access to your bank is permanently revoked.

See what our users are saying about us!

“My credit score is up 30 points in 3 months since signing up for Debitize!”

North Carolina

“It’s really cool knowing that there’s Debitize in the background taking care of funds in my account to cover my credit card charges. I really appreciate that extra peace of mind!”

New York

“I’m using the reward money you’ve helped me earn to help pay for my son’s daycare bill each month. Just FYI it really helps.”


“We recommend Debitize to most of our clients at Stash. It's a great solution to keep you accountable to spending limits, strengthen your credit score, and maximize credit card rewards.”

Priya Malani
Founder of Stash Wealth
New York

Testimonials are from actual Debitize customers