Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

In the last six years, $112 billion have been stolen by identity thieves. To put that in perspective, for every minute that passes, another $35,600 is stolen. By this measure, it would take just about 4 minutes to pay for 4 years of college. These are the chilling facts published in the most recent identity theft report by Javelin Strategy […]

Easy Tips to Avoid Paying Banking Fees

They say what goes up, must come down. But, does that really hold true? When it comes to banking fees, it seems that they only move in one direction: up. From overdrafts to account maintenance and beyond, it’s becoming increasingly more expensive for consumers to perform even the most basic banking functions. In most cases, […]

Can Student Loans Help My Credit Score?

What does Tesla’s new Model 3 have in common with a bachelor’s degree? The price tag on Elon Musk’s new car for the masses, $35,000, is almost exactly the same as the average amount of student loan debt recent graduates are saddled with. It seems unfair to be penalized for taking out loans to challenge yourself academically […]