Debitize Recognized by as a Great Way to Take Charge of Your Debt

While many of us enjoy the varied benefits of using a credit card — from purchase rewards to rental car insurance and more — those benefits can be quickly outweighed by the perils of growing card balances and high interest rates. But do you really need to give up the perks and rewards you love to get your credit card spending under control? Not with Debitize, recognized by as a great way to take charge of your credit card debt.

Debitize gives users the power to retrain their purchasing habits by allowing users to treat their credit cards like debit cards, withdrawing the funds to cover your charged purchases as you go. Plus, you’ll never miss a due date again thanks to Debitize’s automatic card payments, ensuring you always pay in full and on time. And it doesn’t stop there. Debitize helps its users pay down existing debt, too, so you can automate and simplify debt repayment.

“We help you pay for your credit card purchases every day,” said Liran Amrany, Founder and CEO of Debitize. “Then, as a credit card user, you can start earning rewards, build better credit, get security and fraud protection, and all those other perks attached to the credit card — but with the same peace of mind you use your debit card for.”

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