Federal Reserve forgives credit card debt up to $10k!

In an amazing move over the weekend, the federal reserve has agreed to absorb all credit card debt under $10,000 in a move to secure the financial future of all Americans. The promise has rocked financial institutions and consumers alike.

Experian’s latest State of Credit report shows that the average U.S. consumer holds about two bank-issued credit cards and carries a total balance of $5,551. However, a separate study from ValuePenguin (which found a similar average credit card debt of $5,700 per household) shows that only 38.1% of all American households carry any credit card debt at all.

This indicates that the average household that carries a balance owes a whopping $16,048. For these people the forgiveness of this debt may initially occur as an Easter miracle, however, when they look at the date they will realize that the marketing team from Debitize has a twisted sense of humor.

Happy April Fools day and Happy Easter from all the Team at Debitize.

In all seriousness, whether you are one of those households with a large amount of credit card debt or someone who manages their credit like a pro, head on over to www.debitize.com, and see how we can help you manage your credit cards more effectively.

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