Officially Announcing – Debitize 2.0 on Product Hunt!

Helping you grow and improve your financial game  – that’s our focus at Debitize. That’s why we’re super excited to announce two big steps forward today:

  1. The release of Debitize 2.0, our new and improved iOS app – on Product Hunt today!
  2. Our acquisition of Debx

Debitize iOS App: Version 2.0

As many of you have already experienced, Debitize 2.0 gives you more info and control, right on your phone. The new dashboard shows how much cash you have available (after covering your credit card purchases, of course!). Now, it also shows which of your credit card transactions have already been “Debitized”.

You have access to your key settings, and can easily manage Credit Optimizer, Debitize’s weekly bill payment service, right on the app! Taking control of your credit cards has never been easier.

Debitize on Product Hunt!

We’re also launching our app on Product Hunt today! Please check us out on Product Hunt and join the conversation. Debitize is hoping to reach the top 5 products on Product Hunt today, so take a look and share your Debitize experience to help us reach our goal!

Debx Acquisition

Next up – our acquisition of Debx. We’re thrilled to welcome Debx users to our platform! We’ll be working with our new adviser, Debx CEO Ben Psillas, to keep improving Debitize’s service.

At Debitize, we plan to use the momentum to keep helping you crush your credit card goals, improve your credit scores, and cash in on more rewards! Want to help us get there? First, keep doing what you’re doing – using Debitize, and referring your friends and family.

Next, check us out on Product Hunt! If we can hit our goal of reaching the top 5 products today, Debitize will be included in the site’s daily email. This gives more people the chance to join you all in the Debitize community!

We’re excited about this opportunity to keep growing the Debitize community – hope to see you all over on Product Hunt today!

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