Announcing the Debitize Mobile App

Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve reached a tremendous milestone: the release of our first mobile app. Since our inception, we’ve covered over $8 million in credit card spending for our users, now at a rate of over $1 million per month, and we are finally expanding from web to mobile with the launch of the Debitize iOS app.

How to Save Big When It Comes to: Entertainment

Here’s the second entry in our How to Save Big series:

The average American spends 5.6% of his/her budget on entertainment needs. Much of this can be cut down with careful monitoring and smart spending – here’s some ways you can go about accomplish this and saving big while still getting your entertainment fix.

Quiz: How Much do you Really Know about Credit Score?

Your credit score is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your personal finance portfolio. It has an impact on your ability to secure a home loan, auto loan, and affects your credit interest rate, among other things. It’s important to ensure you have a solid foundation of knowledge about this score so you can achieve your goals.

Take this credit score quiz to test your credit knowledge. To see if you answered correctly, just skip to the end to see the answers.  

6 Ways to Stay Within your Wedding Budget

Weddings are an occasion many people dream about for years. Let’s fast forward to the big day. You’ve finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve diligently planned your wedding budget, only to realize that – you’ve overspent significantly. This is the case with 74% of American couples, all of whom go over their wedding budget by an average of $12,000 dollars.

We’ll show you six ways to stick to your budget and avoid this common wedding mishap. 

An Intern’s Guide to Saving Money

I thought my financial woes would go away with my first paycheck. Boy was I wrong.

If, like me, you’re fresh out of school and find yourself suddenly swamped with grown-up matters — disposable income, rental fees and striking a balance between living comfortably and sufficiently saving — you probably also thought: I need a strategy to save more money. Read on and find out how I do it!

4 Tips for Budgeting as a Couple

When tying the knot, you’re committing yourself to a shared life and financial responsibilities.

Financial problems, if left unchecked, can ruin marriages. It is important that you and your plus one have a common understanding about each other’s attitude and values about money, agreement on financial responsibilities, and how you want to budget and plan your finances. When it comes to managing a household together, it is important to work as a team. Here are some helpful tips:

Do You Know the Difference between Current Balance and Statement Balance? (You Should)

It’s one of the more confusing things when it comes to your credit card – the difference between current balance and statement balance.

When you check your credit card balance, you’ll typically see two different numbers – a current balance and a statement balance. What’s the difference? And how much do you actually need to pay to avoid interest fees? 53 percent of Americans don’t “completely understand” their credit card terms – don’t be one of them!

7 Actionable Steps to Get out of Debt

Because you just need us to break down the long arduous path to get out of debt into easy actionable steps

We understand the hardship you’re going through. That’s why the team at Debitize came up with this – the ultimate, no-frills, super easy step-by-step guide you can follow to get out of debt. Ready? Let’s begin.