First Credit Card Tips: Intro to your First Card

First credit cardGetting approved for your first credit card is exciting! You’ve taken a big step towards building good credit. You’ve probably heard about credit card rewards, and are hoping to start earning those, too.

After the excitement wears off, you’ll probably have tons of questions- like, when exactly do I pay my cards? How much do I have to pay? How will I know if I’ve paid enough, or if my credit score is getting better?

Summer Debt Shape Up Week 5: Supercharged Budget Supplements

You don’t have to do this on your own. Here are some of our favorite money management apps and blogs to help you;


  • Debitize (duh)- Super charge your credit cards but automating payments
  • Wally – Track your expenses
  • TrueBill– manage your subscriptions and lower your bills


Get Rich Slowly – Personal finance that makes cents (sic!)

5 Back to School ideas to save you money

Back to school organizationIf you’re ready to be done with summer heat and sunburns, you’re probably thrilled that September is just around the corner. There’s plenty to look forward to this fall, but it’s not all football and foliage. It’s also time for back to school shopping, when buying a few new notebooks and backpacks can really add up. Want to keep the back to school scaries at bay? Check out our back to school ideas that will help you start the year off on the right foot without breaking the bank.

Summer Debt Shape Up Week 4: The “B” Word

It’s time to budget.

How much do you earn, spend, save?

To take control of your financial future, you need to take control of your inputs and outputs.

Learn how to build a budget here.

To turbo charge your Summer Debt Diet, find some extra cash to pay off your debt. Even if it’s $20 a month.

Take it from David “Debitize has allowed me to reap the rewards of credit card perks while staying on budget. Credit rewards are great, but overspending can easily happen when you don’t see the bill until the end of the month! Debitize keeps those accounts current so I never feel like I am in over my head. Thanks so much!”

How to: Use Debitize to Earn More Credit Card Rewards

Use Rewards for VacationMore than 3 out of 10 credit cardholders have never redeemed the credit card rewards they’ve earned. What does that mean? Over 30% of credit card users are leaving money on the table and missing out on rewards that could take them anywhere, from a free trip to the mall to a dream vacation.

Why would anyone say no to free money? With the amount of mental energy it takes to pay your bills, avoid interest charges and late fees, and maintain a good credit score, it’s not so crazy that almost a third of credit card users forget about their rewards, especially when many credit card companies make it hard to actually cash in.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people (including a few Debitize users) have put credit card rewards at the heart of their financial goals, allowing them to take trips and make big-ticket purchases that may have seemed impossible before. Sounds pretty good, right? Your next question should be – how can I find the time to be financially responsible and earn tons of rewards? We heard from a Debitize user, Reese, who told us all about how Debitize helped him achieve this.

How to: Improve your Credit Score with Debitize

Use your credit responsibly to build credit score

Swiping your credit card is easy, but using your credits cards wisely while improving your credit score? Not so much.

With credit cards, staying on budget is just the start. You have to figure out when and how much to pay to each card to avoid interest, late fees, and other bank charges. Once you’ve done all that, you’re ready to improve your credit score and make the best of your rewards. Only one problem — finding the time. For many people, focusing on your credit score and rewards can feel like an added bonus, not a necessity.  

Summer Debt Shape Up Week 2: FICO is not your neighbor’s new chihuahua.

FICO scores are cute and adorable if they are 750+. Fall below that and you start losing options and paying higher interest rates. Knowledge is power, let’s dive in.

Debitize customer Nicholas says “learning about what made my credit score work was very empowering” and he should know, armed with his new credit knowledge and Debitize’s Credit Optimizer he boosted his score from 515 – 705 in 10 months* (results may vary)!

Week 2 of Debitize Summer Debt Workout

Feed your Fico Fuel

Summer Debt Shape Up Week 1: Time to sweat debt!

Credit card debt weighing you down? Tone your debt with Debitize’s Summer Debt Workout.

Just give us 10 weeks. Together, we’ll get your finances in better shape. For the Summer and beyond.

Let’s get moving…

Week 1


Weigh In

It’s easy to ignore your credit score – who wants to see that – especially if you’re in a credit trap and your number is hovering in the 500’s.

That being said it is important to know and important to check. You can request a free copy of your credit report from each of three major credit reporting agencies – Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion® – once each year at or call toll-free 1-877-322-8228.

Most credit card companies offer free checks of your credit score through their mobile apps, you can also check out Credit Karma for free weekly reports on your credit score – check them out here.

Get accurate measurements

Once you get your credit report – check its accuracy. Spot something weird? Follow this great article from the Federal Trade Commission on disputing errors on your credit report.  

What’s your Score?

Find out where you’re at and set a goal on where you want to be.