Get Over the Dog Days of Summer Sports – Save Money at the Ballpark

With the dog days of summer sports upon us, and the Summer Olympics ending Sunday, sports fans are becoming more and more desperate for something to watch. While it can be frustrating to be watching MLS soccer on primetime, summer also means great baseball deals. Unlike tickets to other sporting events, the lengthy MLB season gives you lots of opportunities for ballpark savings.

After a long, hot day, there is nothing better than going to the ballpark to cool down, relax and watch live baseball. Here are a couple money saving tips to keep in mind when enjoying one of summer’s best pastimes:

It doesn’t have to be Red Sox – Yankees

The biggest fault anyone can make is being hesitant to go to a game because of the caliber of the teams. MLB teams play 162 games per season! You never know which one is going to be an intense duel and which one is going to be a blowout. Never dismiss games because of the teams, look at price instead. The experience of going to the stadium is great whether your team is playing the San Francisco Giants or the less than stellar Atlanta Braves.

Pick out weeknight games for the best ballpark savings

Cool down and unwind at weeknight baseball games – you will save money too. Pick weeknights when you will most likely be free and choose those days to go to the ballpark. These are the cheapest times to go to watch your favorite team. Added benefits include a more relaxed commute, a less packed baseball stadium and a great break during a stressful week.

Night Sports Game

Find the right places to buy your tickets

Once you have picked a day and a matchup that seems economically favorable, shop around for the best deals. Whether it is directly from the team website or an online reseller, there are plenty of ticket-buying websites to choose from. Don’t be quick to commit to the first tickets you see without knowing if it’s a good deal or not.

Here are a few places to choose from: MLB Tickets, StubHub, Ticketmaster, Seat Geek, Vivid Seats

You can sit anywhere

No need to sit in the best seats to enjoy the game – bleacher seats can be even better. Being further away from the action can be a more relaxing experience. There is more space and ticket checkers will most likely not pester you every time you decide to leave your seat. Above all, you will be saving money.

Bleacher Seats

Limit your spending inside

Being thirsty and hungry before entering the stadium is very dangerous. There is no quicker way to spend money at a baseball stadium than by buying food and drinks. While it is understandable that you will buy at least something at a 3½ hour game, pick and choose what you want most. To prevent overspending on food and drinks, eat and drink whatever you would have at the ballpark moments before. Also, don’t forget that you can also bring snacks and drinks to the ballpark (still, check stadium rules before going). The simple act of bringing a water bottle and a bag of peanuts to the game can save you a lot of money.


There are no slower sports months in the year than July and August. Take advantage of this to enjoy live baseball. Do not sit through another second of NBA Summer League when you can enjoy a live sports game without breaking the bank.

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